Introduction to Hyper-Pipelining

Hyper-Pipelining is the second of three steps to improving your design’s performance when targeting the Intel® Hyperflex™ architecture found in Intel Agilex™ and Intel Stratix® 10 FPGAs, with each step allowing you to move you up the performance curve. In this training, you will learn the meaning of Hyper-Pipelining, how it differs from conventional pipelining and how to implement Hyper-Pipelining in your design with the help of the Intel Quartus® Prime Pro software’s Fast Forward analysis tool.

  • intel FPGA
  • 6개월전 |  23min 8sec

  • 텍사스인스트루먼트
  • 아나로그디바이스
  • 키사이트
  • 델EMC
  • 디지키
  • 로데슈바르즈
  • 로옴
  • 마우저
  • 지멘스 PLM 소프트웨어
  • Artesyn